Welcome to the continent of Aeona!

The Story:



A continent of risk and reward. For nearly a century now the kingdom of Aeona has existed on the continent. Owing it’s roots to the empire of Redd, the kingdom of Aeona was able to expand and prosper on the faraway continent. Uneasy relations with the barbarians weren’t the biggest trouble Aeona would face. In fact, the continent had suffered far greater calamities before the Reddites ever set foot on it.

Recently, in the year 1204 Aeona was struck with a disaster. What became known as the Great Sundering tore through the nation’s great capital city and broke the continent in half. Years later, rebuilding efforts have begun, and the King is intent on seeing the great capital city rise anew from the ruins.

The whole nation works towards the rebuilding effort. One of the important factions is the recently found adventuring guild The Legends Guild, which provides able and strong adventurers to help with the kingdom’s goals. A particular group inside the guild will soon find that seeing the King’s plans through won’t be as easy as everyone had hoped. Their adventure would take away from familiar ground and deep into the world below.

This is an online fourth edition game set in the homebrew setting of Aeona. To read more about the setting, or get info on character creation, head to the Wiki. The game is roleplay-heavy, though also includes combat encounters (the exact ratio of these elements is still in planning stages). We use Skype for communications and Roll20 for gameplay.


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